Ron Wight

Splitty’s Handcrafts- Our Story

My metal art journey began in the spring of 2019 when I took a MIG welding course while wintering in Arizona. The impetus to take the course was the desire to gain some of the skill needed to repair some small rust issues on my 65 Mustang.

Needless to say I haven’t gotten around to fixing the Mustang as my interest in metal art grew and continues to grow. I started out making home and yard decor from discarded car parts, horseshoes, vintage blow torches, sheet metal and rebar. As my art continues to evolve I began to focus more on abstract metal art pieces.

I am lucky enough to own a 1962 VW Single Cab Truck. These trucks were made from 1952 to 1967. Because of the split front windows the nickname “Splitty” became popular. My metal art business name, “Splitty’s Handcrafts” reflects my passion for these early VWs.

I strive to create metal art that makes a unique conversation piece and is suitable for display or use in your home, office, den, shop or man cave.

My goal is to create sculpture that is unique; that no one has done before. I try hard to resist conformity and mass production.

Splitty’s is always open to undertake custom work. I have completed custom work for clients in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, California and Florida. 


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